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Ultimate Bet Payouts Questioned In Online Poker Cheat Scandal

US online poker players have already had a rough year when it comes to losing money at popular online poker sites. When the Department of Justice indicted executives from PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker, it was a large majority of US players that never received the funds that were in their accounts at the time of the indictment.

Now, a group of eight players are seeking to gain justice in one of the largest online poker scandals of all-time. The scandal took place at Ultimate Bet, and involved what many consider to be several individuals. Ultimate Bet found after their investigation that only one person, World Series of Poker champion Russ Hamilton, was responsible for the cheating scheme. The lawsuit filed this past week alleges that Ultimate Bet did not go far enough in their investigation.

The parent company to Ultimate Bet paid out players that were affected by the scam, but the lawsuit contends that the company did not do the players justice. Ultimate Bet paid the players the money they lost, but according to the lawsuit, did not account for potential earnings from hands when the cheating players folded to better hands.

The issue will get much more press in the coming months than just the lawsuit, as poker blogger Haley Hintze is publishing a book that details the scam. In the book, Hintze will tell of how several players, and not just Hamilton, were involved, and how Ultimate Bet covered up the extent of the scam.

If the lawsuit is successful, the plaintiffs will not only gain a financial reward, but also a reward of having Ultimate Bet's records opened up. That is something that most online gaming sites try to avoid at all costs. Ultimate Bet's parent companies have yet to respond to the allegations in the lawsuit.

Joseph Sanders, Brad Booth, Dustin Woolf, Greg Lavery, Daniel Ashman, Thomas Koral, Daniel Smith, and Dave Lizmi are the plaintiffs in the case. The eight men have asked for $1.73 million in compensation, along with punitive damages that could bring that figure into the multi-million dollar range.

Ultimate Bet unveiled the results of their investigation that found that Hamilton had hacked into their system and was using "backdoor" screenshots of other player's hole cards. By having that information, Hamilton was able to make the correct calls, folds, and bets in tournaments.

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