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US Congress Approval Of Online Poker Regulations No Slam Dunk

The US Congress has had to deal with the online gambling issue several times over the past couple of years. None of those times, however, did the lawmakers proposing changes to the current law have the amount of support that Internet gambling is currently enjoying.

With the strongest push for online poker regulations expected to take place later this year, lawmakers in favor of the regulations believe this may finally be the time that online gambling prohibition occurs in the country. Analysts and anti-gambling groups, however, understand that while support is growing, it still may not be strong enough to pass any regulation legislation this year.

The optimism from lawmakers such as Representative Barney Frank comes from the idea that many Conservatives have changed their stance on the issue in recent months. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was created by a majority Republican Congress, and they have long been against online gambling.

The past six months has brought a shift in political strategy from Conservatives. understanding for the first time that their jobs could be on the line should they not move on the issue, several key Republicans have opened the door for online poker to become regulated in the US, most notably Senator Jon Kyl.

Sen. Kyl has always been against online gambling, to the point where he has been aggressive in his wording when describing the evil that online gambling could bring. Kyl has backed off those harsh words recently, even saying he would be open to some sort of gambling compromise involving online poker.

Black Friday was the main reason that lawmakers have started to listen to their constituents. Millions of Americans lost their ability to play poker online on Black Friday, and they started voicing their displeasure through calls, e-mails, and letters to their representatives. The lawmakers have responded by offering up several bills that will be up for consideration this fall.

The odds, while growing, are still in the favor of the anti-gambling groups. Online gambling regulations are coming to the US, they just may not be coming as soon as the millions of poker players in the country would like. The debate will begin, and when the laws change will be anybody's guess, but most experts are betting that time will not be in 2011.

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