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Verizon Outage Has Online Gamblers Scurrying To Home Computers

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In the past couple of months, online gamblers have been disrupted from their favorite hobby when they were unable to access their bank accounts online. Today, some of those same gamblers went scurrying to their home computers.

A reported Verizon outage sent potentially thousands of online poker players from their mobile devices to their home computers in North Carolina and Virginia. By the late afternoon, Verizon claims they had fixed the problem and had the service back up and running.

"Verizon Wireless is aware of the issue and our crews are addressing it," said a Verizon spokesperson, to WTKR earlier in the day. Later in the afternoon, Spokesperson Melanie Ortel told The Huffington Post. "Service was restored at 3:50 pm this afternoon. The issue was based in Hampton Roads and the surrounding area."

Online gamblers have become used to disturbances in their gaming habits. Several weeks ago, the Bank of America online banking system was down for several hours. Online poker players were unable to access their accounts during that period, leaving some to have to wait until the service was restored to resume their playing.

Poker players on the Verizon network have been eagerly anticipating the release of the iPhone from Verizon in a couple of weeks. The iPhone will make it easier for players to access their favorite online sites, but the the system problem today has players re-thinking their mobile provider.

"I was right in the middle of a tournament today when the service went out, and that is going to be a problem if it happens in the future," said one player from Virginia who chose to remain anonymous.

Poker players must have the ability to move swiftly around the Internet because most tournaments and cash games online have a specific time clock for players to make their move. If these time clocks expire, the player has their hand folded, and in some cases, that could cost the player a big pot.

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