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World Series Of Poker Main Event Players Have More Coaching

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The World Series of Poker has become increasingly popular. Several factors play into the popularity. Television exposure is way up, with poker tournaments being aired on many stations. Local laws allowing legalized poker gambling has also spread the marketability of the game.

Within the WSOP is the main event, likely the most popular poker tournament in the world. All of the big professionals play in the event, and they are usually joined by thousands of amateurs. This is where the tournament has changed over the past few years.

Poker pros who could not reach the final table at the main event, used to just move on to another tournament. Now, with television exposure being so high for the event, they have gone another route.

It is becoming increasingly popular to become a mentor to one of the amateurs that has advanced far into the tournament. The pros give lessons to the amateurs, and show up at the tables as fans to give the players support.

Daniel Negreanu is a poker pro who claims he might help an amateur along should he not make the final table. "Hey, if I don't make the final table, I just might take on a student who could benefit from my poker experience," Negreanu says in an article written for the Houston Chronicle.

The bigger the event becomes, the more pros will want their faces in front of the camera. If that means helping along an amateur, then so be it.

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