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Alex Rodriguez May Avoid Suspension For Illegal Poker Gambling

Alex Rodriguez is perhaps the most celebrated baseball player of his generation, but that does not mean he has a squeaky clean image. The future Hall-of Fame player has had several incidents in which Major League Baseball could have disciplined the star, yet that has never been the case.

Last week, Rodriguez detractors felt that Rodriguez had finally crossed the line when he played in an illegal poker game in Hollywood and several others around the US. Rodriguez agreed to meet with league officials over the allegations, and now it has been revealed that the Yankees third baseman will likely not face a suspension regardless of the outcome of those meetings.

A source claimed last week that Rodriguez was part of the games that took place between Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, and other celebrities. The high stakes game was revealed by the Star magazine, and several witnesses have come forward since the Star article and said Rodriguez was at the games.

"Even if it is determined that he was (playing illegal poker), he will not be suspended at this time for this infraction," the source told the New York Post. "He will be warned again and not lightly."

If it turns out that Rodriguez is found to have been participating in the illegal poker games, fans are likely to be upset if he is not suspended. Pete Rose, a legendary figure among baseball fans, has been kept out of baseball for over twenty years because of violating the league's no tolerance policy regarding gambling.

While Rose gambled on his own sport, Commissioner Bud Selig has taken a hard line stance on gambling. If Rodriguez escapes with another warning, the commissioner will have to answer to millions of Rose supporters.

"How can they keep Pete Rose, arguably the best hitter of all-time, out of the Hall-of-Fame, but justify not suspending a guy that has already been warned about his gambling habit at these illegal poker games," said baseball fan Byron Shelton. "It seems hypocritical, and I think it would be wrong. Basically they would be saying that today's superstars are above the laws of the game.

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