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Colbie Caillat Causes Sports Bettors To Miss Out In Las Vegas

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Las Vegas sports books were filled on Thursday with NFL gamblers who were happy to see their sport back in prime time. Several of these gamblers, however, were so wrapped up in Colby Caillat's rendition of the National Anthem, that they missed out on placing their bets on the actual game.

The NFL puts on a star-studded show to kick off every season, and this year was no exception. Dave Matthews was the pre-game attraction for fans, and Caillat was chosen to sing the national anthem. The rendition was stunning to many who watched, including the gamblers.

"I was going in to place my bets on the game, and I saw her(Caillat) singing the national anthem," said Mark Brumber. "Then, I was amazed with her performance, and by the time I realized I forgot to make my bets, it was too late, the game had started."

It is rare that a performance creates such attention. Whitney Houston sang what many believed was the best rendition ever of the national anthem at the Super Bowl, but most gamblers had already placed their bets for the big game. This was different, with some bettors waiting all the way up until the last minute to make their wagers.

Gamblers all across the world have been waiting all summer for the return of the NFL. Thursday, the Minnesota Vikings and defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints kicked off the year. The Saints won, but as is often the case with odds makers, they hit the odds square with a line of New Orleans -5.

Caillat is just one of dozens of performers that will have the honor of singing the national anthem before football games this year. The anthem is played before every sporting event, and the NFL often calls in celebrity performers to do the honors.

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