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College Football Betting Odds: Number One Florida Faces FIU

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It used to be in college football that undefeated teams would face increased pressure as the season went on. The BCS has created a system where that no longer is the case. Top schools now schedule easy out of conference games to defeat the BCS system.

Case in point this weekend in Gainesville. The number one team in the country will be taking on Florida International. FIU is having a tough enough time maneuvering through their conference, let alone having the task of competing with the nation's top team.

Florida is not the only program that has realized the danger in scheduling top out of conference opponents. It has become commonplace in college football to schedule easier games so as not to be in danger of a slip up.

The other top two teams in the country have taken a different approach. Texas has played Ohio State, and Alabama has gone out of conference to face Virginia Tech. Neither team has been greatly rewarded for those wins in the BCS system.

There is only two weeks left in the regular season for college football and what used to be a glorious period for fans, has now become a couple of boring weekends. The Florida-FIU match up is as close as any of the top teams will come to exciting football.

Luckily for fans, conference championship games are right around the corner. That is when there truly will be a determination of whether it was worth it to play a soft out of conference schedule. will Florida's soft schedule hurt them when they get in a big game, or will they be fresh while Texas and Alabama are spent. Only time will tell.

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