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Fantasy Football Betting Hot And Heavy Over Next Few Weeks

NFL gambling is a multi-billion industry for Las Vegas sports books, but they are not the only outfits taking money from gamblers at this time of year. Fantasy football betting has become as big of a gambling experience as betting on the games themselves.

Over the next two weeks, fantasy owners will be filing into private homes, bars, and even draft headquarters to make their selections for the upcoming season. In most cases, the leagues are run by a commissioner, and the stakes in some of these leagues can remain quite high.

ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sportsline, and even the NFL itself all promote the gambling through their online sites. The NFL has been running commercials suggesting that their league is the most comprehensive and best sits the needs of fantasy owners. The other outlets claim the same, with each offering free hosting services.

The traffic that is created at these sites during the season more than pays for the cost of the web hosting. In many cases, the sites themselves offer leagues where players can compete for monetary values upwards of $1,000. The fantasy game has become so big that some analysts believe more money is spent on fantasy football betting, than is spent in the sports books.

The Super Bowl is the big prize for sports books, bringing in over $100 million in best each year. A similar statement can be made for the last two weeks of the regular season, when millions of dollars in prize money is at stake in the fantasy leagues. One miscue by a running back or quarterback could mean doom and financial disaster for playoff owners.

Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson have been the top running backs the past couple of seasons, but some other big names have emerged. Anyone who drafted Houston's Arian Foster likely lifted the trophy at the end of last season, and Michael Vick may have just as instrumental in a title run for other owners last year.

This season will provide a challenge for some owners who are used to simply picking up a magazine the day of the draft and choosing according to the magazine's rankings. With the NFL lockout going deep into the summer, the publications had to release their fantasy issues without knowing where some of the players would end up to start the season.

The wait has been long, and while some gamblers travel to Sin City to place their future bets, millions of others will be living out their gambling prowess in the comfort of their own living rooms, or in some cases, the local dive bar of choice. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain, the NFL is back, and so is the gambling.

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