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Gamblers Finally Lose As Stanford's Women's Basketball Team Wins

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Gamblers rarely have a sure thing when they are searching their betting options, but the Connecticut women's basketball team has been about as close to a sure bet as any team has ever been. For year's the women Huskies have been making winners out of gamblers.

The team has put together an unprecedented ninety game winning streak, but on Thursday, it came to an end. Gamblers finally had to wrap up their betting tickets with the University of Connecticut women's basketball teams name on it as Stanford upset the top ranked team in the country.

This was not a streak that only had women's fans captivated, it also captured the minds of millions of male fans across the country. The game on ESPN2 on Thursday is sure to score well when the ratings come out Friday. As the streak grew, gamblers caught on to the idea that the Huskies were not only winning, they were winning big.

"About a year ago, I started to bet the Connecticut women's team every time they took the floor," said Las Vegas resident Walter Knox. "Sometimes, I would be laying thirty or forty points, but I played them anyway, and you know what? Most times I won."

There are thousands of tales such as Knox's in Sin City. Sports books have had to deal for the past few year's with a team that almost looked like they belonged on the floor with the men. They would beat teams by outrageous scores and never look back. It was the type betting pattern that will go down as legend decades from now.

Thursday, it all ended, and that may not be a good thing for the odds makers. Having to make a line for a team coming off ninety straight wins has never been done before, so there is no precedent for how the Huskies might respond to their first loss, although Knox thinks he has an idea.

"I wouldn't want to be the next team to face them," he said, "I don't know their next opponent, but I know I'm gonna find out and make sure I jump right back on that bandwagon."

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