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Golf Betting Could Come Back Strong With Tiger Woods Ready To Go

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Tiger Woods experienced one of the joys in life this past week when he and his wife welcomed a baby boy into the world. The news was great for the Woods family, but bad for any future golfers with the hopes of competing on the tour.

With the birth of his son now behind him, Woods will shift his focus towards getting back to his job. He has been off the tour for a while now after surgery and he claims he is almost back in playing form.

"I'm full bore with my practice sessions and have no restrictions," said Woods in a newsletter last week that outlined his progress since the surgery. Still, he feels he needs a little more time before being ready to go back out on tour.

"It's just a matter of getting my golf endurance up. I don't have my golf stamina back yet," said Woods in the newsletter. When he does come back, there will be one group of people that will be overjoyed.

Sports books have seen betting on golf tournaments drop drastically in the time Woods has been out. When Woods returns, it is likely that the hype surrounding the sports will as well, and anytime hype is amped up, so is gambling.

So for the next few weeks Woods will make sure everything is on the up and up at home with his family, and then he will get back to work. That is good news for golf fans everywhere.

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