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Mayweather Jr. Recounts Gambling Spree On Joe Buck Live

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Most sports stars would run as soon as they were asked a question about gambling-not Floyd Mayweather Jr. Not only did Mayweather not run, he relished in the opportunity to tell the world just how much he enjoys gambling when he appeared on Joe Buck Live on HBO this week.

Mayweather admitted to losing "big" this past weekend while betting on NFL games. he went into detail about how he lost the money, and he also revealed a little bit about winnings he has made in the past.

"Two weeks ago I won like a million (dollars)," said Mayweather to Buck, "that was across a week of games, Monday night, Sunday, and Thursday. I didn't lose a million (this week), but I lost a couple hundred thousand."

After that stunning admission, Mayweather went on to tell Buck and his audience which teams cost him money this past week. His main losses this past week came on the Patriots, Saints, and then on Sunday night, the Vikings.

Mayweather has been no stranger to extravagant spending habits. he likes to show off his cars and houses to anyone who has an interest in hearing about them. He also admits to stopping at Las Vegas sports books on the way home from training for his fights.

The biggest fight of his career is in the making for next year, and it will also be his most lucrative fight. For the past several years, Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have been considered the two best boxers in the world. They are expected to meet in March of 2010, and one could win a lot of money if they bet on who Mayweather thinks is going to win the fight.

"...The thing is, I don't want the fans to be really shocked by what will happen when we do happen to meet up because it's not going to be anything new, he's been knocked out before and he's taken losses. I'll be victorious, you can believe it," Mayweather told Buck.

Whether he wins or loses the fight, one thins is guaranteed, both boxers will have a big payday, and Mayweather will have even more money to blow gambling. Mayweather is expected to make $20 million for stepping in the ring for the fight, plus an estimated $20 million after the pay-per-view money is divided up.

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