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Miami Hurricanes Betting Odds Improving After Suspensions

It is not too often that a college football team has eight impact players suspended by the NCAA, yet still has their betting odds lowered by Las Vegas sports books. That is likely to be the case, however, with the University of Miami in the coming days.

The Hurricanes found out the fate of eight players on Tuesday that were tied to the ponzi scheme running Nevin Shapiro. Of the eight players, five received only a one game suspension, two received four games, and one was hit with a six game suspension. Despite all the games that will be missed, the feeling is one of relief for coaches, players, and fans.

"I thought they (NCAA) were going to throw the book at us," said Hurricanes fan Manny Suarez. "But with this type of punishment, I think we can still compete for a conference title this year. I can't wait until the season starts Monday night. I am relieved."

That is a sentiment that millions of Canes fans are feeling on Wednesday morning. The team has been the talk of what some believe could be the biggest scandal in the history of the NCAA, but others believe what happened at Miami goes on all across the country.

Shapiro used his ponzi scheme money to fund a lavish lifestyle for Miami players over the past ten years. Shapiro picked up tabs at restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and gave the Canes players the keys to cars, motorcycle's, and even Shapiro's private yacht. It was all in the name of becoming the big man on the Miami campus.

Odds makers lowered the Hurricanes odds as soon as the scandal broke, and many analysts predicted that upwards of thirteen players were involved in the scandal. With the penalty handed down on Tuesday, Miami can get back to preparing for a season that suddenly does not seem as lost as it appeared just one day ago.

"There is no doubt that getting these players back before the bulk of their conference games will help improve their betting odds,' said one Las Vegas sports book insider who wished to remain anonymous. "There may even be a sentiment now among gamblers that the Canes may be playing with a chip on their shoulder this season."

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