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Miami Hurricanes Scandal Changing ACC Betting Odds

Former University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro is serving a twenty year sentence for a Ponzi scheme he created in South Florida. The booster now figures if he is going down, he is going to take as many others with him as he can.

Shapiro has spilled the beans to Yahoo! Sports over the past eleven months, attacking with allegations of dozens upon dozens of NCAA infractions that were taking place at "The U." Shapiro details how he paid off players and coaches, and had access to over seventy players while playing the high roller role in Miami.

The NCAA has been in Miami this week speaking with administrators, and the fallout from the accusations could be sweeping for the Hurricanes football program. It is early in the process, but some analysts believe that if the allegations are true, Miami may get hit with the death penalty from the NCAA.

The process will likely take months, with the NCAA having to speak with hundreds of people associated with the program. Current players are named as athletes who took improper benefits, and if the NCAA determines that to be the case, they could start suspending players as early as the start of the season.

Miami is also conducting their own investigation, and if they feel any current players were involved with the scandal, they too, could keep the players out of games. If the players are on the field, and then are found to have violated NCAA rules, the team would likely have to forfeit any wins they accumulate with the ineligible players.

Odds makers are keeping a close eye on the developing story in South Beach. The Hurricanes are predicted to finish near the top of their divisional standings in the ACC, but a loss of key players could mean a change in the betting odds for the upcoming season.

Sports books will have to act swiftly if they are going to severely downgrade the Hurricanes betting odds to win the conference, as the season starts in just two and a half weeks. Miami opens up their season on the road in Maryland on Labor Day night.

Among the former players named in the Yahoo! story are Andre Johnson, Willis McGahee, Vince Wilfork, and Jon Beason. Current players, including preseason All-American Ray Ray Armstrong were also named in the article.

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