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NFL Allows Las Vegas Ads In Super Bowl Telecast, Is Gambling Next?

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The state of Florida can promote their oranges in an NFL telecast. Other states are able to promote whatever it is they are known for, but Nevada has not had that opportunity. That is, until now.

The NFL has changed one of their polices to include the state of Nevada in their advertising future. Las Vegas will now be allowed to advertise on post season NFL games, although their pitch must be sensitive to the NFL's theories on gambling.

"In essence, what the NFL has done, is acknowledge that Las Vegas is important to the league, but they have done so in such a way as to ensure that they can still hold their stance on NFL gambling," said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz.

The NFL stance on gambling is that it should not exist. Many people believe that the NFL thrives because of gambling on their sport, but it is a position that the league has chosen to deny. Now, it appears as though the NFL is moving closer to acceptance.

"Ten years ago, the NFL was paranoid about what allowing advertising from Las Vegas would have done to their reputation," said Schwartz, "but now, the league understands that the future in the US is filled with gambling, and they had better start adapting."

The NFL did not go full throttle with their admission. Las Vegas and other Nevada cities will still not be permitted to advertise any form of gambling or the resorts that offer the sports gambling.

Just this year, Delaware legalized sports betting. The state had to endure a strong legal battle from the major sports leagues to gain the right to offer sports betting to their residents. The sports leagues, however, led by the the NFL, stopped Delaware from offering single game bets.

At the time, it looked as though the NFL and the other sports leagues won, but as time has gone on, some believe the battle in Delaware has opened the eyes of some league commissioners.

Recently, NBA Commissioner David Stern admitted to that legalized betting on NBA games would be something the league would have to look into in the future. Stern acknowledged the presence of gambling in the US, and how the growth of that gambling has changed in the past several years.

The NFL is not as brave as the NBA and Stern, they must first crawl before they can walk. The first step was to allow Las Vegas back into their fraternity, and these baby steps, according to Schwartz, "Could be the first in a series of steps leading to the legalization of NFL gambling throughout the US."

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