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NFL Betting Odds: Cowboys Favored On Road Over Cardinals

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The NFL prides itself on creating parity. The Arizona Cardinals have not been a good example of this over the past couple of decades. They have been more of a battering ram for other NFL teams.

That is not the case this year, however. While they have been hyped the past few years, they have failed to deliver any substance. This season so far, they have shown they can be a playoff team.

Odds makers do not care about feel good stories. They create betting lines based on what they predict will happen. What they are predicting today is that the Cardinals have not progressed enough to beat the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys are coming off a season in which they had the best record in the NFC. They did nothing with that record come playoff time. The eventual champion Giants disposed of the Cowboys on their home field.

Today, the Cowboys again take one of the best records in the league to Arizona. They are a 4.5 point gambling favorite over the Cardinals. That fact is not lost on Cardinal fans.

"It's not right that they're favored on our home filed. We'll show them who the better team is today,' said Frank Blisson, a longtime Cardinals fan.

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