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NFL Lockout May Soon Affect Millions Of Fantasy Football Bettors

Fans and analysts all across the US had predicted when the NFL lockout began earlier this year, that it would be cleared up by the time training camp rolled around. With almost ten billion dollars in annual revenue, all that had to be figured out was how to divide the cash.

Now, as the calendar approaches the middle of July, the lockout is still in place, and a large portion of Americans are starting to wonder whether the season will start on time. If the lockout continues for another month, two different areas of the US gambling industry will be affected.

Las Vegas sports books would be the biggest industry affected by a loss of NFL games. The sports books rely heavily on the NFL to drive betting figures, and with even one week lost, millions of dollars could be lost as well in Las Vegas.

Outside of the regular game gambling, the other portion of the NFL fan base that will suffer is the fantasy players. Fantasy sports is a billion dollar industry in the US, and millions of everyday people will be heading to work without the ability to talk about their latest bad, or good, luck.

Water cooler talk during football season almost always revolves around a running back that had a monster week, or a quarterback that flopped when big points were expected. In addition to the daily grind, league commissioners are having a problem setting draft dates this season.

In many fantasy football leagues, the teams have been in place for several years. In some cases, owners fly in from other states in order to attend drafts. With the preseason and start of the regular season unknown at this point, commissioners cannot set their draft dates just yet.

This year also has been a tough one for player movement. There has been no official free agency period, and once an agreement is finally reached, teams will have to be allotted time to sign free agents. That process could take at least a week. Players will then have a training camp period, although all indications are that training camps will be cut short.

Players and owners are meeting through the weekend with the hope of getting a deal done. After months of not worrying about the lockout, time has suddenly become an issue for millions of NFL fans. Hanging in the balance of these negotiations is the fate of The Bombers, Strong Armed QB's, and thousands of other fantasy teams who are currently locked out along with the players.

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