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Red Sox vs Indians Series Has Making of a Classic

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The National League Championship Series began yesterday with little fanfare outside of Arizona or Colorado, but when the American League version begins tonight, eyes from all over the country will be tuned to their televisions.

The Boston Red Sox are no stranger to post season play and this year, after the addition of Dice-K in the off season, they became one of the favorites to win a World Championship, now they are two series' away from that goal.

The Cleveland Indians have been a team loaded with talent for several years but always considered to be young, now this year the talent has taken command and the Indians are back in the playoffs for the first time in years.

Both teams are loaded with pitching and potent bats which could make this series one of the most watched in recent history.

Boston has Josh Beckett, Curt Shilling, and Dice-K, to counter a Cleveland line up that features young stars Travis Hafner, Victor Martinez, and Grady Sizemore.

On the other side, the Indians will try to combat the potent Red Sox bats of Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz with some dominant pitching of their own.

C.C. Sabathia is most likely going to win the Cy Young in the American League this year, and Fausto Carmona at times looks even more overpowering than Sabathia.

The stars will all be out starting tonight in Boston and with both teams knowing how much stronger they are than their National League counterparts, the intensity will be even higher in this championship series.

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