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With Super Bowl Betting Over, Gamblers Turn To March Madness

The end of the football season is always bittersweet for gamblers. After spending all year betting on football, the Super Bowl is the only game left to wager on, and wager gamblers did.

This year's Super Bowl was the most bet on of all-time. A record $119 million was spent between betting on the Seahawks and Broncos, and all of the proposition bets that were available. For the 18th time in 21 years, Las Vegas walked away from the Super Bowl as winners.

The bad part of Super Bowl Sunday is it also signals the end of football betting until August. With no football in sight, gamblers have now turned their attention to March Madness and the start of the baseball season.

March Madness trails only the Super Bowl in terms of amount of money wagered. The few weeks that college basketball takes over the sports landscape serves as a way for bettors to still get their fix while watching a highly publicized event.

The baseball season is a bit different. While gamblers will take their guesses with college hoops, it is only a select few gamblers that have the patience to stick out the entire 162 game schedule in baseball. Gamblers of baseball are known in betting circles as some of the most knowledgeable gamblers around.

This season, the money has already started to roll in on the usual suspects. The Yankees, after spending nearly half a billion dollars this off-season, have jumped up and joined the Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, and Boston Red Sox as favorites to win the World Series.

In basketball, it has become a craps shoot the past couple of years. This season, the teams at the top of the rankings, Syracuse, Arizona, and Whicita State, have all been nearly perfect, making it likely that each team will be heavy choices in March Madness brackets and in Las Vegas sports books.

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