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Beginners Guide to Gambling Online

Online gambling is a $12 billion dollar per-year industry across the globe and is growing each year. The high-tech advancements of computers and the internet has created an exciting new way for people around the world to play their favorite casino-style games right at home. The most popular online casinos offer blackjack, online casino slots, video poker, roulette, and of course, sportsbooks. Also available is baccarat, craps, pai gow, arcade games, poker, bingo, and many others. The games today have excellent graphics and provide players with a top-notch, quality experience.

One of the biggest myths about online gambling is that online casinos are unregulated by governments, therefore, are generally unsafe for players at home. The fact is, online gambling is heavily regulated and there are plenty of honest and trustworthy casinos online. In the United Kingdom (UK) for example, online gambling is perfectly legal and there are dozens of publicly traded companies offering casino games online to their customers. All throughout the Caribbean and most South American governments consider online gambling an extremely legitimate industry, with strict penalties for casinos that don't play by the rules.

Think of an online casino as an extension to a land-based casino, a place to have fun and play your favorite games with the chance of possibly making a few extra bucks, except you don't have to fight crowds to get into the parking lot, stand in a long line waiting to get a drink, or worry about whethor or not you can smoke inside. The fact is, online casino games are more entertaining and payout higher percentages than land-based casinos.

Hopefully, our beginners guide will provide the knowledge you need to start playing at the best online casinos! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.

Who Audits Online Casinos?

In the introduction, we mentioned the strict regulations and auditing that online casinos in the UK and Caribbean must undergo by their respective governments. There are also organizations online such as the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCogra) agency, who examines online casinos for honorable payout rates and accuracy in their games. There are now over 100 approved eCogra sites in the world and their standards are very high. The majority of those sites are 100% trustworthy and fair. There are also organizations like Price Waterhouse, who perform independent audits on each casino to assure fairness on a monthly basis. All of the online casinos displayed on our site are considered trustworthy and fair.

The Goal of an Online Casino

The goal of an online casino is to retain you as a customer permanently. They will do just about anything to keep you coming back for more, whether that means giving away free bonus cash, or other incentives. The last thing in the world they want to do is try and cheat you out of some money or elicit unfair gaming practices. That would totally defeat the purpose of retaining your business. A top casino will not steal your money, they will not hold your winnings unrightfully, and they will not take advantage of you. If they did that, you would never come back and play with them again, absolutely the opposite of their main intent.

Another reason an online casino will never cheat you is because if they did, it would be reported to someone and somehow word would get around that a particular online casino is dishonest. Once people find out about a cheating online casino, no affiliated website would ever promote them or it would ruin their own credibility. If a casino steals your money or provides unfair gaming it will go bankrupt real quick. It is in a online casino's best interest to have great customer support, to have fair games, and to actually have players win and then pay them out their winnings.

Getting Started With Online Casinos

Here is where the Casino Gambling Web comes in to the picture. Our site is loaded with information about gambling online. We feature the top news from the gambling industry and also dedicate dozens of pages to the best online casinos and sportsbooks in the world. Take your time, read through our site, pick the casino or sportsbook that is right for you. Learn about the different types of games available and trust our advice. Go to the casino you are interested in and read their terms and conditions before you take advantage of their signup bonuses. Download the casino of your choice and begin playing.

Follow all the directions the casino offers. Be sure to give your real first and last name, your real address on your i.d., your real email address, and your real phone number. It is important to give your real information because the casino you choose has security measures before you will be able to cash out your winnings. Most casinos will just give you your money when you cash out, however, if you win more than a certain amount they will ask for identification to be sure you are the person who the account is registered to, and if your i.d. does not match the profile you originally gave them, they will not give you your money. This is for your own safety, so do not get upset if you win a lot of money and have to go through some red tape. It is for your own benefit.

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