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Every casino you play at is powered by a software that focuses its efforts soley on providing high quality graphics for the gaming community. Not all gaming software on the net is reliable. Many casinos you can play at feature software that may malfunction, that does not produce fair gaming, that has poor visual graphics that may leave you confused as to the results of a game. We do not bother even mentioning the casinos that use software that is not extensively tested by major auditing firms like Price Waterhouse Cooper. By our standards of high quality there are only four major software companies that have payout rates of over 96% on a consistent basis on all games, that have been proven through the years to be reputable and technologically progressive. Microgaming and Playtech are the two major players in the industry. Crypttologic is the most advanced software in the world, and Odds On Gaming is catching up in regards to visual graphics. Each has an oustanding reputation for fair gaming. Below is a review of each casino software brand.

Microgaming :: The Casino Software Known For Online Slots!

Microgaming Software

Microgaming has more casinos using their software than any other brand. There are many things that signature this software. One thing they are known for is always producing new games, whether they are new video slots, video poker games, different styles of blackjack, roulette, or other casino games. They just started a kick last year where they produce four new games every month, therefore, at Microgaming casinos you will find more games than any other casino software.

Another thing Microgaming casinos are known for are their wonderful welcome bonuses that normally score you a good deal of money the first time you make a deposit. Some casinos, like Aztec Riches, offer multiple deposit bonuses, but the large majority offer you a simple single deposit bonus that carries with it minimum wagering requirements.

There are literally hundreds of online casinos that use the Microgaming software and is pretty easy to predict that you will have a safe and fun experience no matter which one you choose.

Playtech :: The Casino Software Known For Live Dealer Table Games!

Playtech Software

Playtech started its now fully respected and reputable casino software company in 1999. However, they were not always so great. When they first started they ran into many problems, not intentionally, but their software was second rate and had poor graphics. However, in 2002 they had a serious overhaul and they slowly became a favorite for gamblers all over the world.

What did the gamblers across the world love about the upgrade? Two things, the first thing that set them apart from the pac was the introduction of live dealers to the online gaming world. The idea behind this was to satisfy blackjack and roulette players who claimed there was no way computerized blackjack or roulette could be trusted. This way you can see the real cards being dealt, or the real roulette wheel and real ball being spun.

The second thing that made Playtech the most popular software in the world was the multiple deposit bonus option that is now a standard at most of their casinos. This is a feature where you can make a deposit and get a bonus each of the first few times you play.

Cryptologic :: The Most Sophisticated Gaming Software on the Net!

Cryptologic Software

There is only about 10 major casinos on the internet that use the Cryptologic software, so it is not that popular, however, it is by far the most sophisticated gambling software on the internet and it has been for several years. Cryptologic is traded on the UK stock exchange and we may begin to start hearing a lot more about it now that Playboy has signed a contract to use them as their casino software.

Cryptologic focuses its energies on creating gaming lobby floors that match the reality of Vegas style casinos. Cryptologic is also known for their revolutionary Marvel slot machines. These slots are so sophisticated that that you will feel like you are in the middle of a video game each time you take a spin, no matter which Marvel slot you choose to play. Their table games are also second to none and a favorite of online gambling enthusiasts. The only drawback of this entire brand is that they do not yet offer live dealers and even that isn't such a big deal.

Odds On :: The Mix of All Casino Software!

Odds On

The last casino software that we encourage players to test out is the newly improved Odds On Gaming software. English Harbour and Caribbean Gold are two of the only very highly respected casinos that use this software and up until the beginning of 2006 the software wasn't that great. Then came the upgrade. Several new video slots were introduced that were finally as good as the slots that Microgaming offers. They feature amazing graphics and very cool bonus rounds that can payout some very high winnings. They still don't have many great games, but they are on their way. The table games they feature are as good, perhaps better than Microgaming, but they do not have live dealers llike Playtech. The best we can say is keep an eye on this software, they are soon going to be competing with the best that the internet has to offer.

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