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Caesars Casino Review (Atlantic City, NJ)

Caesar Statue at Caesars Casino in Atlantic City

On assignment in Atlantic City, N.J. this past week, I stopped in Caesars Casino, a Harrah's Company owned property. The casino is large, about 125,000 square feet of pure gambling excitement.

I first tried my luck at the slots. After about an hour of testing and researching which machine may prove to be my lucky one, an elderly lady saw that I was not having much success. She told me in confidence that if I really wanted to win, I should go near the entrances and play the slots nearest the doors. Her rational was that the machines located in these positions generally pay out more often, and the bells and whistles on them are louder than on others, designed to attract the passers-by into the casino.

After shrugging off this fine lady's advice, I continued to push $20 bills into random machines, all with the same result, house wins. Thats not to say that I didn't win, I just lost more than I won. Lesson learned, listen to the locals.

Deciding it was time to change my luck, I headed to the table game areas to play a little blackjack. To my surprise, people were three deep waiting for seats. The surprising aspect here is that there were no $5, or $10 tables. Minimum bets were listed at $25 on three tables, higher on all others, and this was true of all table games on the casino floor. After waiting for a seat for about an hour, watching as those playing were actually allowing others behind them to play on their cards, I decided to move on.

The only available positions to gamble without having to wait were at the crap tables. It has been a long time since I have seen this amount of people gambling in any casino in Atlantic City. The slots, which in the past years were difficult to find a seat at, now were plentiful. Atlantic City is where the casino revenues are supposedly dropping With the law in Pennsylvania changing to allow slots, New York casinos, and the proximity to Delaware's casinos, many are finding the new experiences, new locations, more rewarding. However on this particular day Caesars at AC was packed.

Taking a break from the casino floor, I went out to the famous boardwalk to walk around and see what it had to offer.

There was much to do, many places to spend my bosses dollars, and lots of good looking women from around the world on the beach, in bikinis. Ahh! the sights and smells of AC in the summer.

Many parts of the boardwalk have been revitalized, improved and expanded upon. The fresh smells of the ocean were clean and exhilarating. As I walked the boardwalk, aromas from the various vendors and restaurants filled the air. Pleasant aromas of corn-on-the-cob, meats and veggies being grilled, even the open air hot dog carts, made me hunger for a good sausage, onions, & peppers sandwich, which was a great treat for me.

Seeing capitalism in progress, from the vendors hawking their wares to the rickshaw type boardwalk taxis, the Steel Pier with games of chance the kids can enjoy, the smiles on the little faces of the children as they feasted on cotton candy and salt water taffy, carnival type rides designed to keep you spending your hard earned money, as well as entrances to many more casinos that line the boardwalk, I wondered, if all these people were here, who was working?

Back at Caesars with a full belly, the little old lady proved to be right. I put a $20 bill in the machine nearest the door and on my first pull I won $75. Of course the greedy slot machine wouldn't let me keep it.

There were so many shops and restaurants within Caesars, if one did not want to gamble, there was plenty more to do and even more places to spend your winnings.

Talk overheard throughout the casino and the shops was more about the low quality of hotel rooms and abundance of bad views from rooms other than ocean view.

As a casino, Caesars is no better than others on the strip in Atlantic City, as a place to play at the beach or shop and eat, it is average. With so many other casinos in Atlantic City, there is more in my future than returning to this one.

Caesars is part of the Harrah's brand of casinos, which include Horseshoe, Bally's, Showboat, Rio, Grand Biloxi, Grand Casino Resort, Paris, Harveys and the Flamingo.

Reviewed by Bob Hartman, Senior Editor of CGW, an online casino information Internet portal.

Caesars Casino
2100 Pacific Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Phone: 609-348-4411

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