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Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino Review (Atlantic City, NJ)

Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City

The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino is one of the few remaining hits that align the Atlantic City boardwalk. They still have weekly shows featuring the likes of Kenny Rogers and Neil Sedaka. They feature fine dining, casual dining, and lounge spots where you can eat or just hang out and have a few drinks. Of course, the stars of the casino are the games, and this is where my review becomes a story.

The week before I planned my trip to Atlantic City I hung out with my cousin Albert. Al lives in New Jersey and claims that he has been visiting Atlantic City once a month for the past twelve years. I was telling him about my love for high stakes blackjack and he listened with half-interest. I asked him what he played and he said slots.

This came as a surprise to me because Albert is a man's man. He smokes cigars and drinks JD on the rocks and he has six tattoos that he got in Vietnam. I always pictured him playing craps or roulette, I never would have imagined him playing slot games, which were originally installed in casinos to keep women busy while their man gambled at the tables. However, my image of him was wrong and I asked why he played the slots.

"I play the ten dollar machines," he said, "five hundred dollars at a time."

And suddenly I looked at him as a man's man again. Anyway, he explained to me that he goes to the Trump Plaza once a month to play one specific slot machine that has a minimum bet of $10 and a maximum bet of $20. It is a three reel one line slot and its total jackpot is $64,000 x 4 at max bet. Last week he told me he hit for $14,000, and two times last year he said he hit for more than $30k. So when I told him I was going to do a review of the Trump Plaza he insisted I go to this slot.

Once there I called Albert up and told him I had arrived. "Where is this thing?" I asked. He told me and I whipped out my first $100 bill. I put it into the slot and lost it in five spins, a total of about 15 seconds. I threw in another $100 and stayed on a $10 bet, hoping to stick around a little longer. I hit two odd 7's and a wild and won $200. I lost all $300 in another ten minutes. Before I knew it, literally, before I knew it, I was down $500 and swore Albert was an a-hole.

I then wanted to waste some time and have a couple of free beers. I sat down at a nickel machine and a waitress came to me within two minutes. I ordered a Heineken and received it in less than five minutes. So far, the Trump Plaza gets a plus on friendly and fast service.

So I am drinking my beer and playing the nickel slot. I tossed in a twenty and that twenty lasted for more than an hour. I drank three beers total and left when I was down to $30 in my pocket. On my way out I passed that $10 slot that stole $500 from me in less than ten minutes. I cursed it, then realized I had another $20 that I could spend while still having $10 left over to pay for my garage fee. I threw in the $20, pissed at myself for giving in to the temptation, I maxed bet it which gave me one spin and suddenly, bells starting ringing, lights starting flashing and the slot machine at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino depicted 2 bars and a wild. I had won $1,200!

I tried to cash out but nothing happened, bells and lights kept going. I called my cousin Albert up and let him hear my win. I was excited and he insisted that I take my money and get the heck out of there. I hung up with Albert and a friendly male attendant came to me in order to get my information. Turns out that any one win $1,200 or more had to be reported and taxed. He told me that if I had won $1,199 I would not have been taxed. Anyway, he gave me my winnings in all hundreds and five twenties, of which I gave him two as a tip.

So that's my story of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino slot machine that has paid Albert more than $100,000 over the past year and half, and now, the one that has given me a few hundred dollars of excitement also.

Reviewed by Bob Hartman of Casino Gambling Web, the top gambling information website.

Trump Hotel and Casino
The Boardwalk at Mississippi Avenue
Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401
(609) 441-6000

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