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Delaware Park Casino Review (Wilmington, Delaware)

Delaware Park Horse Racing and Slots

Delaware Park is one of three Delaware casinos. It is located in Wilmington, a large Northern Delaware city. The park features horse racing and a 78,520 square foot casino. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for a six hour period on Sundays from 6 am to 12 pm.

The casino boasts over 2,500 slots, ranging from 1¢ to $75 bets. Payouts on the machines go upwards of $400,000 and these are not the progressive type. The high paying machines start at the $5 level and increasing your bet makes the jackpots grow. I was playing a $10 machine that had a $250,000 top prize; of course, I had to wager the maximum to achieve that amount so it was $20 per pull. I found these machines exciting but they took my cash rapidly. After losing $200 I moved on to what I thought would be a $25 machine, but that needed to be played at the max of 3x to attain a possible jackpot of $400,000. I did not want to spend $75 a spin so I wandered through the nicely styled casino looking for eccentricities.

And then I found one.

One thing you will not know about this horse racing/slots parlor unless you visit is that they feature a unique form of table games in a pit area that I found behind the slots parlor. While the State of Delaware does not allow table games in their casinos, this one has found a sort-of loophole in the law. The law prohibits live dealers and croupiers and does not allow poker to be played. Delaware Park Racing & Slots, however, has found a way to work around these laws by featuring computerized dealers at regular tables in the pit.

In the pit there were a series of tables, each holding up to 7 players. Each table offered a different game, blackjack (which I tried may hand out on), 3 card poker, and baccarat. They work similar to the slots in that you put in cash or a ticket and you can sit down and play cards.

There is a large screen LCD screen behind the table, which projects an image of a dealer; the one I selected was a busty blond in a skimpy teddy. Her head and eyes move from player to player as wagers are placed, she then deals the cards and they seemingly are in the proper position on the table in front of you. Once the cards are dealt the game progresses as normal; you can double down, split, hold and surrender. In their form of blackjack, the dealer must hit 16 and stay on all 17's. The feeling is almost as real as being in a Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino, yet it is more comparable to Online Gambling using the internet only with real people playing next to you and with you.

Those of you that have never tried online gambling games would be well served by going to Delaware Park to experience the feeling.

I left the table winning $87.50 above the $100 I put in. I then went to find other slots to give it back.

I came to a $5 machine, put the ticket in and decided to see how long it would last; I played for about 1/2 an hour and won $400. Now up for the morning, I decided to leave and check out the rest of the property.

There is a beautiful horse racing track just outside the casino, although the new racing season at Delaware Park does not start until April 28. There were a few horses training and they were glorious to watch.

Delaware Park also offers a 7,007-yard championship golf course designed by Arthur Hills/Steve Forrest and Associates. It includes a Golf academy, which offers individual or group instruction, complete with a Pro Shop.

The Rail Wine Bar & Grille features traditional country club fare as well as contemporary culinary offerings. There is a Banquet Facility located at the Veranda Room on the premises. The Terrace is the track's premier restaurant which overlooks the track, there are other eateries on the property to satisfy any palate. For those that bag their lunch there is a tree lined picnic grove where you can relax.

As an interesting side note I must explain that when I entered the Casino I identified myself as a reporter to the security guard, hoping to be able to take a couple of pictures of those computerized dealer table games, he called the floor manager who then called the Casino Manager. Mr. Gentile’s secretary told me that although he was not in, he would call me to answer any questions I may have and that until then, no pictures could be taken inside the casino. I was at that point appointed my very own security service for the entire time I stayed inside the Casino, and even when I went out to the track, I was shadowed.

There are no Hotels on the property but there are many in the surrounding area that range from the low end Super 8 to the always-nice Hilton.

There are many great restaurants in the area, most of which in one way or another specialize in Blue claw crabs as this area is well know for the this delectable delight.

There is the Christiana Mall within a few miles for those that cannot stop shopping and the University of Delaware is just a short trot away.

Delaware Park always provides free parking, free admission and a free shuttle service and the park is handicap accessible.

Reviewed by Bob Hartman of Casino Gambling Web, the best gambling casino review site online.

Delaware Park Horse Racing and Slots
777 Delaware Park Boulevard
Wilmington, DE 19804

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