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Venetian Hotel & Casino Review (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

The Venetian was the first of the high-end luxury hotel and casinos to be built on the Las Vegas strip. It features three pools and jacuzzi, a 69,000 square foot spa, an 80 seat race/sportsbook, a health club, a wedding chapel, fine dining, over 4,000 hotel rooms, 3,000 suites, a shopping mall, and a river that runs through it all. Oh yeah, they also feature a 120,000 square foot casino.

Visitors are blown away as soon as they enter this high end casino. Unlike other high class casinos on the Vegas strip the Venetian has a theme, obviously, of being in Venice. The grand lobby features fresco's on the ceiling in an attempt to give visitors the feel they are in the Sistine Chapel. Visitors incessantly take photographs.

One of the more unique things you will not know about the Venetian unless you go is the smell. Running through the massive hotel and casino is incense, like what one might smell on Easter Sunday in a Catholic church. For me, it was actually an unpleasant smell that made me want to leave, however, most people seemed to enjoy this sensory indulgence.

The true draw to that gets tourists to the Venetian is the gondola rides that can be bought by hotel patrons and others. Men and women dressed in black and white striped shirts, each wearing a red scarf, just as the hosts you would find in Venice wearing, will escort you as you take a tour of the hotel by means of the river that runs through it. Once inside the hotel on the river you can look up and believe you are outdoors as the ceilings are depicted as the sky. The gondola rides at the Venetian are definitely one thing every visitor to Vegas must experience.

The most magnificent aspect of the Venetian is the suite that my partner and I stayed in. Over 3,000 of the 4,000 rooms are suites and they are truly amazing. Each suite features two large screen televisions and a bathroom that is certain to drop your jaw. It was a shame, actually, that the rooms were so nice, nicer than most apartments you will find anywhere in the world, because so little of the time you spend in Vegas will be in your room.

The gaming floor is also amazing at the Venetian. Thousands of slot machines fill the room and if you find a machine that hits stick at it because if you go somewhere else you may never be able to find that machine again. The table gaming at the Venetian is apparently for high rollers as many of the table limits are extraordinary and the very few low limit tables are so packed that you may never get an opportunity to play.

The Venetian shopping mall is also something that visitors must attend while staying at the hotel. My partner who went with me for the review forgot a pair of black socks and when we went to the mall to find a new pair we found more than four stores where we could have bought the socks. Jewelry stores are also prolific in the Venetian and although most items found in most of the stores there are overpriced it is still a cool feeling to be shopping in what feels like Venice.

Other than the smell, the Venetian is one of the nicest places in Vegas and most people who stay there once get addicted and stay there every time they go. I can't imagine many more casinos that we will review on this site that we find to be more majestic and as simply wonderful as the Venetian.

Reviewed by Terry Goodwin, reporter for Casino Gambling Web, the best gambling online web site.

Venetian Hotel and Casino
3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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