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Live Dealer Casinos

Playtech casinos are the only casinos on the internet that offer live dealers for some of their table games. The most popular live casino game is blackjack, hands down. When you go to a casino featuring live dealers you will have a live tables tab on your menu. You click on that tab and a list of tables come up featuring the live dealer games that particular casino offers. You then are brought to the table of your choice and you join the rest of the real people playing at that table. At Golden Palace, the most popular Playtech casino, they can have as many as 20 different blackjack tables featuring different live delers.

At the table of your choice you will see each person's screename who is sitting at the table. There will also be a very large box in the top left side of your screen showing you the dealer and the table game you are playing. You will have a talk box in the right corner where you can chat with the dealer or with the other players at the table, or you can say nothing and watch everybody else talk. If a table is full, the casino will most likely have an option for another table, but because these are live games dealing with real dealers, you may have no choice but to wait until a seat becomes open. Listed below are the types of live dealer games offered at Playtech casinos.

New for 2014 - Top Game Casino, Grand Parker, Offers USA Live Dealers!

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Live Dealer Blackjack

Golden Palace is the Most Popular Casino for Live Dealer Blackjack!

Blackjack is the game most people are looking to play live online. The main reason you want to play live blackjack online is so that you can see the cards being dealt. When live gaming was introduced a few years ago there were many flaws. One of the flaws was that the dealers used regular sized playing cards so you could hardly see the cards being dealt. Now, each table features oversized cards, and cameras that zoom into your cards while the hand is playing, then it zooms out when the hand is over. You now get to watch all cards of the 6 deck shoe being shuffled and you watch a real person cut the deck. As long as you have high speed internet access live dealer blackjack will excite you.

Live Dealer Roulette

Download Vegas Red to Play Live Dealer Roulette!

Although blackjack may be the more popular live game on the internet, we feel the better game to utilize using the live dealer option is roulette. With blackjack you have to wait for each player to make their bet and at busy times hands can run very slowly. With roulette you are on a set time limit, so if you don't have your bet in after a certain amount of time goes by, your simply going to have to wait until the next spin of the wheel. Each casino that offers the live dealer software differs slightly in how you can place bets, how they have their tables set up, and the friendlieness of their live dealers, but overall they are all basically the same. We recommend Vegas Red for the best live roulette on the net.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Play Live Baccarat at Golden Palace!

People love live dealer baccarat. Okay, so that may not be true, but it exists and you can play it if you know how. It is actually quite an easy game to play and it is very profitable if you get on some win streaks. What is so great about live dealer baccarat is that no one else will playing at the tables with you at just about any of the casinos you can find to play it. Okay, so that too is a lie, people actually do play baccarat, but it is not nearly as popular as craps and roulette. After all this complete rambling and b.s. let us end by saying this, you can download Monaco Gold and play live dealer baccarat right now.

Live Dealer Sic Bo

Play Live Dealer Sicbo at Golden Palace Now!

Sicbo is a Chinese dice game that uses matching tiles. Sicbo is played by matching tiles after dice are thrown. Sicbo is played by betting on high or low of tiles after dice are thrown. Okay so we don't know how to play Sicbo, and we assume that the rest of the world doesn't know how to play either since we went to the most popular casino in the world, Golden Palace, at their peak hour times and there was not one person at the table. Golden Palace has up to 20k players playing simultaneously on a Friday night at about midnight and there was not one person at the table we went to and the live dealer that was waiting there seemed very bored. But play it if you must with live dealers, for Sicbo is there.

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