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Bank Of America Online Glitch Scares Gamblers Again
July 14, 2010
For the second time in less than a month, a major financial institution has scared online gamblers. The Bank of America online glitch that occurred Wednesday had gamblers locked out of their accounts....
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North America Finally Has Regulated Online Gambling Website
July 15, 2010
It has been a long time coming for North America, but on Thursday the B.C. Lotto Corp. finally launched the first regulated online casino gambling website in North American history....
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Oil Spill Stopped, Gamblers May Lose All Animal Extinction Bets
July 16, 2010
BP finally reached a point where the oil spill stopped on Thursday, and with that development it may mean that gamblers have lost their bets at online sports books involving animal extinction....
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Apple Press Conference Offers Little Comfort For Online Gamblers
July 16, 2010
Online gamblers who were hoping to fly around the Internet from gaming site to gaming site were given little comfort at an Apple news conference Friday. It seems the antenna issues the iPhone 4 is having are here to stay....
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Overwhelming Demand Crashes Canadian Online Gambling Website
July 17, 2010
It only took a couple of hours for online gamblers in Canada to show their support for regulated Internet gambling., the British Columbia Lottery Corporation's new website, crashed just hours after it was launched, due to heavy traffic....
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Obama Deception Censored, Online Gambling Sites Take Note
July 19, 2010
Although the author of The Obama Deception movie that was posted on YouTube has been careful not to blame the government, the fact that his video has disappeared is raising eyebrows across the Internet, including online gambling sites....
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Google Cover Up Launches Online Gambling Debates
July 20, 2010
The Alex Jones Obama Deception saga continued on Tuesday when the term "google launches cover up" jumped to the top of the Google Trends page of searched terms. The cover up story has online gambling proponents concerned about censorship....
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Very Vera's Carrot Cake Makes Winners Out Of Entertainment Gamblers
July 22, 2010
Odds can be found on almost any entertainment event these days, and on Wednesday Very Vera's Vera Stewart made winners out of gamblers who picked her to win on Throwdown with Bobby Flay....
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B.C. Government Stands By Online Gambling Venture
July 26, 2010
Even though the B.C. Lottery Corp. got off to a dangerous start this past week, the B.C. government is set to stand behind the provinces online gambling venture....
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PartyGaming And Bwin Merge In Preparations Of US Online Gambling
July 30, 2010
PartyGaming has announced plans to take over Bwin Interactive Entertainment. The merger will create the biggest online gambling company, a move that could be a response to the US moving towards regulated Internet gambling....
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