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Live Coverage Of Mine Rescue Taking Away From Online Gambling
October 13, 2010
The live coverage of the mine rescue in Chile has captivated audiences all across the world, and the non-stop coverage has put a damper on business at online casinos....
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Yahoo Server Hangup Causes Online Gamblers Confusion
October 14, 2010
New online gamblers that use Yahoo search engines to find reliable online casinos were confused on Thursday when they received a server hangup message while the site was down for about an hour....
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Study Shows US Students Are Ignoring Online Gambling Prohibition
October 19, 2010
A new study has determined that online gambling among college students is growing in record numbers in the US, further showing that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has been a complete failure....
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Beyonce Pregnant; Let The Online Betting Begin
October 20, 2010
It was revealed today that Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting their first child and that will set the online betting in motion on all things associated with the Beyonce pregnancy....
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Researcher: Mobile Gambling Exploding On To The Scene In US
October 23, 2010
Juniper Research has unveiled statistics that show that by 2015, gambling from mobile devices in the US will be near $50 million, and by next year, state lotteries may have mobile applications....
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Canadian Provinces Increase Online Gambling And Decrease Tobacco
October 26, 2010
Canadian provinces have been busy the past couple of months deciding whether or not to allow online gambling regulations, but at the same time, many of the provinces are attempting to decrease another vice, tobacco....
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Measure 75 To Show If Gambling Will Progress In Oregon
October 29, 2010
In many states, casino proposals are on the ballot this week, and Oregon residents will have their say in the matter as well. Measure 75 will indicate whether Oregon is prepared to keep up with other states and the changing times....
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Betfair May Soon Move Online Gambling Base Out Of UK
October 31, 2010
The UK has already lost William Hill and Ladbrokes, two of the biggest online gambling sites in the world, and now they may be in danger of losing Betfair as well if the tax rates do not change....
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Legal Online Games Realizing Fears Of Anti-Gambling Lawmakers
October 31, 2010
For the past couple of years, online gambling opposition has pinned their argument on the fact that Internet gambling can be dangerous. This year, their worst fears were realized when a baby was killed by her mother playing legal online games. ...
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Additional Casino Gambling Vote Close, But Turned Away In Iowa
November 4, 2010
The state of Iowa already has one of the most active casino gambling industries in the country, but voters in Wapello County have rejected the idea of more gambling on Tuesday....
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