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Adelson's Stance Could Damage Online Gambling's Chances In US
December 12, 2011
Although most land-based gaming operators have come around to the idea of online gambling regulations in the US, Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson's stance against regulation could delay the inevitable....
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Online Gambling Site Buys Michael Jackson Hair For Roulette Ball
December 15, 2011 has an interesting take on preserving The King of Pop's legacy. The online company has purchased a piece of Michael Jackson's hair, and expects to turn the hair into a roulette ball....
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Oregon Lottery Calls On Problem Gambling Advisory Committee
December 19, 2011
The Oregon Lottery is looking to expand and add online gambling options to their current offerings, but before they do so, the lottery has put together a five-member committee of problem gambling experts to examine expansion....
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European Online Gambling Stocks Soar On Wednesday
December 28, 2011
The reaction of investors in Europe to the Department of Justice's reversal of the US' stance on Internet gambling was swift on Wednesday, with many of the top online gaming company stocks rising drastically....
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Legal Analyst Rose Predicts Online Gambling "Explosion" In US
December 29, 2011
Professor I. Nelson Rose, one of the most trusted sources of gambling knowledge relating to the law, has suggested this past week that the US is in for an online gambling "explosion" over the next few years....
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Connecticut May Turn To Internet Casinos To Stay Ahead In Northeast
December 30, 2011
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has watched as his state's gaming industry has suffered from expansion around the Northeast. Now, Malloy believes that beating the other states to online casinos may be the remedy....
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Social Networking Sites May Be Big Winners In Online Gambling Boom
January 2, 2012
Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Google+ are gearing up for the coming online gambling boom in the US. The two sites may become key players in the industry as soon as later this year....
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Iowa In The Mix To Become First US Online Gambling State
January 5, 2012
Iowa has led the way when it comes to riverboat casino gambling, and now with federal laws allowing Internet gambling, Iowa is again making a push to become a leader in the gaming industry....
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States Vary On Opinions Of A Federal Online Gambling Bill
January 7, 2012
States have been lining up to craft laws regarding online gambling, but they are split on whether or not the federal government should pass a blanket law for all states to abide by....
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IGT Turning To Facebook To Further Brand Their Gaming Network
January 12, 2012
Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world, which is why it comes as no surprise that big time gaming outfits are starting to spend big money to get on board. The latest is IGT, which bought DoubleDown this week....
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