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Brian Schaedlich Takes Commanding Lead At World Series Of Poker
July 9, 2008
Brian Schaedlich is just a school teacher from Ohio who is enjoying his summer vacation, but unlike other teachers, he might come back home with over $9 million, he is currently the overall leader at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker....
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World Series Of Poker Main Event Heads Towards Final Table
July 11, 2008
The World Series of Poker Main Event has gone through the preliminary stages and is now headed for home, after a week of action, the tournament is getting closer to finding their final table for November....
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Skilled Poker Players Looking To Take Home WSOP Main Event Crown
July 12, 2008
The World Series of Poker Main Event has so many contestants when it starts that it is rare when many of the top pros make it all the way to the later stages of the tournament, but that is what has happened this year....
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Day Six At WSOP Begins With Phil Hellmuth On Penalty
July 13, 2008
Phil Hellmuth is used to being in the situation he faces at the start of Day 6 at the World Series of Poker Main Event, he is in the final seventy nine players but is also starting the day on a penalty time out....
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Tiffany Michelle Looking To Make History At World Series of Poker
July 14, 2008
Tiffany Michelle knows the odds are against her, 26-1 odds in fact, but that has not stopped her from trying to become one of the only women to ever make the final table at the World Series of Poker....
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Final Table Set At World Series of Poker Main Event
July 15, 2008
The World Series of Poker Main Event has been a grueling journey for the players but for the ones that made it through to the final table in November, it has been worth stress....
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World Series Of Poker Wraps Up With Casino Employees Event
July 16, 2008
The World Series of Poker Main Event had its final table set, but there was still one more event to be played in Las Vegas, Jonathan Kotula won the Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em tournament....
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Four Countries Represented At WSOP Main Event Final Table
July 17, 2008
Four countries will be represented when the World Series of Poker Main Event final table begins in November, also, many of the players are experts at something other than poker....
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Poker Pros Going Back To Work Now That WSOP Is Over
July 18, 2008
The game of poker is highlighted for a couple of months during the summer every year, but for the professional poker players, once the World Series of Poker is over it is time to go back to work....
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St. John's Man Defeats Many Pros, Wins World Poker Tour Event
July 19, 2008
A St. John's man defied the odds and emerged from a field of over 400 players some of which were top poker pros, to win a $1.7 million top prize at a World Poker Tour event in Las Vegas....
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