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Online Poker Players Must Now Show Their Skills In Live Games
April 23, 2011
There has always been a rivalry between poker players who originated from live games and those who learned their trade on the Internet. The recent online poker crackdown in the US has caused the two to come together on the felt....
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Land-Based Casinos Looking Forward To Online Gambling Fallout
April 24, 2011
Land-based casinos in the US have had to sit back and watch online poker sites take their business over the past decade, but after the recent federal indictment against members of the biggest online poker sites, land-based casinos may prosper....
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Full Tilt Bank Roll Called Into Question After Cardiff Incident
April 27, 2011
Full Tilt Poker has been paying millions of dollars to online gamblers around the world, but the company's inability to come up with $20,000 entry fees for some of their players at a Dublin tournament has some questioning Full Tilt's future....
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Online Poker Study Approved in Iowa, Opening Door For Regulations
April 28, 2011
Iowa lawmakers may not have fully taken the plunge into the online poker industry, but they have made progress. On Wednesday, a House panel approved a bill seeking to study the effects of regulated online poker....
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One Month Remains Until 2011 World Series Of Poker In Las Vegas
April 29, 2011
The recent federal crackdown against online poker sites has made players crave the World Series of Poker even more this year. The 2011 WSOP begins in a month, and players have already started to head to Sin City....
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World Series Of Poker Month Has Arrived At Las Vegas Casinos
April 30, 2011
Las Vegas casinos are in need of a boost in revenue and starting this month, they may get that boost. The World series of Poker is just weeks away, and casinos in Sin City are counting the days until the event begins....
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World Series Of Poker Gambling To Receive Increased Coverage
May 4, 2011
The World Series of Poker main event will be a beneficiary of the recent online gambling crackdown in the US. ESPN has decided to add over thirty additional hours of coverage of the gambling phenomenon taking place in Las Vegas in July....
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US Online Gamblers Likely To Lose Absolute Poker Funds
May 5, 2011
Online gamblers in the US found out this week that they likely will be losing any funds they have remaining in their Absolute Poker accounts. The parent company for Absolute Poker, has announced they are filing for bankruptcy....
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Nevada Online Gambling Bill Will Wait On Federal Legislation
May 6, 2011
A bill is moving through the House in Nevada that would lay the framework for regulated online poker, but a stipulation in the bill would prevent the state from implementing the regulations until federal prohibition is lifted....
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Circuit Events Winding Down As World Series Of Poker Draws Near
May 7, 2011
Circuit events have become a popular way over the past decade to win seats into World series of Poker events. With the economy down in the US, more and more gamblers are turning to circuit events as a way to gain entry to the WSOP....
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