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Full Tilt Poker Lawyers Claims Company Wants To Pay Players Back
August 30, 2011
Full Tiult Poker has been going through a rough financial stretch since Black Friday, but over the weekend attorney Jeff Ifrah claimed that the company is working dilligently to pay back former customers....
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World Poker Tour Legends Of Poker Tourney Down To Three Players
August 31, 2011
The World Poker Tour's Legends of Poker tournament has reached the final stages, with only three players remaining. Ken Aldridge is the current chip leader as the players will battle for top billing through the night....
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DC Council Members Getting Cold Feet Over Online Poker Operation
September 2, 2011
Washington D.C.'s city council was prepared to allow the lottery to launch an online poker site this fall. Instead, it appears that the council is going to examine the plan further before giving the go ahead....
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US Congress Approval Of Online Poker Regulations No Slam Dunk
September 4, 2011
The US Congress is expected to take up the issue of online poker regulations later this year and although momentum is building in favor of law changes, there is no guarantee those changes will take place this year....
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South Carolina Law Enforcement Set To Break Up Video Poker Party
September 7, 2011
South Carolina law enforcement officials have gotten increased complaints about video poker machines in the state and they are preparing to combat the illegal activity. Plans are in the works to stop the illegal gambling....
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Epic Poker Struggles With Attendance In Second Main Event
September 8, 2011
The Epic Poker League was supposed to be just that, epic. Instead, the low attendance at the second event of the league season showed that players are still looking to go where the largest payouts are available....
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Fifteen Players Remain In Epic Poker League Main Event
September 8, 2011
The Epic Poker League had a smaller than expected turn out for their second event this season, but the players that did show up have played well, and only fifteen remain in the running for nearly $800,000....
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Soulier Leads Epic Poker League Main Event Final Table
September 10, 2011
Fabrice Soulier has taken the chip lead to the dinner break at the final table of the Epic Poker League main event. Soulier is battling David Paul Steicke, Mike McDonald, and Erik Seidel for the title....
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Full Tilt Poker In More Legal Trouble After Class Action Suit Filed
September 11, 2011
Full Tilt Poker cannot escape the legal troubles associated with shutting down their operations. The latest problems for the company came Friday when another class-action lawsuit was filed, this time in Quebec....
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Caesars Cup Becoming An International Poker Phenomenon
September 12, 2011
The Caesars Cup has become for poker what the Davis Cup has done for tennis and the Ryder Cup has done for golf. The best players in the US square off against the best International players, and this year the US poker team is looking for revenge....
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