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Online Casino Blackjack

Microgaming Casino SoftwarePlaying blackjack at online casinos is certainly a different experience than gambling at a land based one. There are theories to how computerized blackjack works. The theory most strongly believed by experts in the industry is that the odds of a card coming out are based on a six deck shoe. The theory continues to say that after every hand the shoe is completely reshuffled thus giving you the exact same odds on every hand played. We have heard of many people winning big bucks using blackjack systems to beat online gambling casinos, however, use them at your own discretion.

So what are the differences in blackjack amongst the different online casino softwares? Not much, how different could they be? Playtech is thought to have the best online blackjack tables, slickest graphics, plus live dealers. Microgaming features a progressive blackjack game and many other types of blackjack. Cryptologic is a favorite of online gamblers for computerized blackjack and Odds On Gaming features a different color table then the rest. Read the reviews below and play blackjack at the casino of your choice.

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Go Casino is now famous for accepting US players for real money who want to use their Visa and/or AMEX card. They are powered by the RTG software, which has been gaining a reputation for having the best odds on their online blackjack games.
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Playtech Blackjack : Best Casino Software for Online Blackjack

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If you are looking for blackjack with the exact same setup as Vegas and Atlantic City style casinos then you should be playing with the live dealers that are featured at most Playtech casinos. They are the only casino software company online that gives you the option of playing with live dealers and that is why we recommend playing at one of their casinos over any other place to gamble online. Beyond the live dealer blackjack, Playtech offers outstandingly crisp graphics at their computerized blackjack tables. They are typically green tables with the logo of the casino you are playing at branded somewhere on it. Most casinos offer very high maximum bets and very low minimums. Each casino offers multi-hand blackjack, multi-player blackjack, and regular single hand versions of the game.

Cryptologic Blackjack : Great Software for Online Blackjack

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Cryptologic has the best software on the internet, the only reason they are not number one on our list of the best online casino blackjack software companies is because they do not feature live dealers. They have tables with very cool dealer voices, easily navigated options, and smart layouts. One of the cool things about the Cryptologic casino that we feature is the pitboss that runs the place. InterCasino's pitboss, Ryan Hartley, is renowned for showing up at tables and giving players free money. He is more known to show up at blackjack tables with multi-players than to show up at any other game in his casino. The Cryptologic software may take a few moments longer to download than most other gambling softwares, but most people think it is quite worth it. They will also give you a $100 bonus when you make your first deposit of $100.

Microgaming Blackjack : Most Options for Online Blackjack

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Microgaming has more styles of online blackjack than we ever knew existed. What is so amazing is that they are still coming out with new versions of blackjack every month. They are the only type of casinos we ever heard of offering progressive blackjack. This game is called Triple Sevens and you win the progressive if you get dealt a seven of diamonds, then another seven of diamonds, then another seven of diamonds. This seems like an impossibility, and in reality it is pretty hard to get, however, if you do get it it will be the biggest win on a blackjack hand you could ever imagine. They also feature European blackjack, Vegas style, Atlantic City style, Spanish BJ, Vegas Downtown, Vegas Strip, and several other styles of computerized blackjack. Microgaming casinos also let you play their games for free, which is a huge plus because you can literally spend tons of otherwise boredom time playing for fun. Microgaming is actually the best software if you want to play for free because you get a complete version which would include over 120 games depending on the casino you are playing at.

Odds On Gaming Blackjack : Another Good Software for Online Casino Blackjack

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Odds On Gaming casinos, as you can see by the picture of the table to the right, has the most unique blackjack table in that it is red. The game runs rather smoothly since they upgraded their software. For the regular old single hand online bj, Odds On Gaming casinos actually have it down pretty good. Whereas most other gaming software companies blackjack games seem to run in patterns, Odds On appears to play more realistically. We do not know how they run their computerized version, we cannot really tell what the differences are on how they operate, however, we can tell you from experience that you will not be saying the phrase "I don't believe they just won again" as often at Odds On Casinos as you will at Microgaming and Playtech brands. Although there are only a couple of casinos that feature the software, they are becoming more popular and their gaming is highly trusted in the industry.

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