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Microgaming Casino Software So what's so great about online casino slots as opposed to land based machines? Great question and we have a great answer. Online casinos set their payout percentages to near 95% or higher on each of their individual slots, at a land based casino you will be hard pressed to find one in the entire place that has a 90% payout rate. This means that you have a 5% better chance of winning at online gambling sites than you do at land based casinos. This does not mean you are gauranteed to win, the house still has a 2-5% edge, but chances of winning are significantly higher at online casinos.

A large majority of online gambling players mainly play slots. Even if you are a table game player it is guaranteed you will stop over at the slot machines, even if it's just for a moment to see the cool graphics and big possibilities that online casino slots have to offer. In this industry, the type of slots you play online does not come down to what casino you play at, but rather, what casino software the casino you play at features. Each software has their own line of progressive slots, too.

In a nutshell here is how it works. There are four major/popular brands of online gambling software that all online casinos use. There is Microgaming, known for having the most slots on the net. There is Cryptologic, known for having the most sophisticated/entertaining slots on the internet. There is Playtech, who used to focus more on table games, but have recently made giant strives to catch the rest with their new video slots. And there is Odds On Gaming, who used to be a substandard software provider, but who now feature some of hottest casino slots online. Click on any of the links below to read more about each software providers individually unique online slot machines.

Download the Go Casino Software! Go Casino
Go Casino is now famous for accepting US players for real money with Visa and AMEX. They feature The Right Prize video slot, and the RTG casino gaming software. They feature new free slot tournaments on a regular basis.
Download the Free Go Casino Software!

Cryptologic Slots : Best Software for OnlineCasino Slots

Download InterCasino, Our Favorite Cryptologic Casino!

If you have a high speed internet connection, love Marvel Comics, love the sophistication of graphics, and/or long for the feeling of being in a real casino, then playing at a Cryptologic casino is for you. We would advise you stay away from this software if you are using dial up because Cryptologic casinos are a hefty software. The download will take near forever with a dial up and the speed of game play will be unbearable. However, if you have high speed internet access and plenty of room on your hard drive this software will absolutely blow your mind. They were always a great software, but once they became a publicly traded UK company and introduced their unique Marvel slots they became the best on the net. They also add very unique slots like Bejeweled to their arsenal so you can really never get bored. Some Marvel Comic Slots they feature are The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and The Silver Surfer, all which feature bonus games that are awe inspiring. This is a sophisticated software and it intended for a sophisticated user.

Microgaming Slots : Online Casino Software Featuring Most Slots

Download Lucky Emperor, A Great Microgaming Casino!

Microgaming is the software for every man, or woman, or young professional, or retiree, or, well you get the point. You can interview any experienced online gambler and you will not find one person who has a complaint about this software. Okay, of course some people will always find something to complain about, but what is great about Microgaming is that they are always upgrading their software to fix those very miniscule things that will satisfy even the constant complainers.

So why does everyone love Microgaming? Because they make their software easy to understand. Once you download and install their software you simply roll over the title of the slot you want to play and a screen will instantly appear depicting a preview of the slot, along with a table that features information about the game, including how big the jackpot is, how much the min. and max bets are, the coin size you can choose to play in, if there is a bonus feature available, if their are wild symbols available, etc... They are also so popular because they feature video slots, classic style slots, progressive slots, and any other style you can think up. And they add 4 new games every month. So you will never get bored, or rather, just when you start to get bored they release new slots for you to play. This is really the favorite software of most online casino gamblers.

Playtech Slots : Casino Software Offering Huge Progressive Slots

Download, a Red Hot Playtech Casino!

Playtech is the most popular casino software for online blackjack and live dealer table games. That used to be just about all they were good for. Now, that is pretty much still true, however, they have made major advancements in developing their software to satisfy the online slot player and they promise more advancements in the future. Just recentely they included video slots into their arsenal, a standard with Microgaming and Cryptologic casinos, brand new to Playtech technology. At least they are trying, the video slots they offer are pretty cool.

One really great thing about Playtech casinos is that they all share the same, very simple, very large progressive slots. What is so good about their progressive slots over other software's progressives is that you can choose to play in smaller denominations, which would bring you a smaller jackpot, or larger, but the point is it allows all gamblers to try to hit the big one. We actually know people who have won these progressives, it really does happen to real people, although rare.

Odds On Gaming Slots : Casino Software Quickest on the Rise

Visit Odds On Gaming Casino, English Harbour!

Odds On Gaming casinos are the gambling sites on the net most on the rise. That could be because they were the worst to start out with, but we think it is more because they are becoming very ambitious. It is almost as if the developers of the Odds On Gaming software have been studying what Microgaming is doing. The new upgraded version of their software shares many elements with Microgaming such as video slots with wild symbols and bonus rounds. And it appears as if they have been studying Playtech software, as they now feature lobbies with cool graphics that will fill your monitor with colors and animations. They are actually quite a good casino software for online slots, perhaps now they are better than Playtech in terms of keeping you entertained, however, they don't quite have the best progressives relative to the rest of the online gaming software casinos. Odds On casinos features video slots, 7 reel slots, progressives, bonuses, unique slots and a promising future. They are good enough that we do encourage you to try them.

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