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Online Poker & Online Poker Rooms

Online poker is burning up the internet. Poker is taking the world by storm. Poker is everywhere, it is at local bars, in pubs, at Indian casinos and in Las Vegas. The online side of the industry has grown to a $5 billion dollar a year niche as everyone, and their momma's, are finding a place to play online poker.

If you are new to the online game you may be overwhelmed with all the poker rooms there are to choose from. Basically, any room you find to play at is going to be safe. Now-a-days, if a poker room does something fishy the news spreads like wild fire and the room goes out of business. What is left are basically all the rooms you can find now through search engines and by means of websites advertising them.

Below are the three poker rooms the editors here at play at the most, thus we recommend them to you. Full Tilt has grown to be one of the most respected poker rooms online., our #2 ranked poker room, has tournaments sometimes every 5 minutes, but like our third ranked poker, Titan Poker, they do not accept players from the United States, rather they are considered international online poker rooms.

#1 Online Poker Room - Bodog Poker - Accepts US and International Players

Play Poker at Bodog's Online Poker Room Bodog Poker features many different versions of their online poker rooms. You can choose from a selection of color tables and styles, as well, you can play an infinite amount of games at the same time on your computer screen. The level of play is much thinner than at Full Tilt so you can take advantage of a lot more weaker players. This is a great place to play for beginners for that reason, too, you likely won't get taken by a pro at Bodog. Tournaments run every time they are filled up (every minute or so) and cash games can be played all day and night long. Bodog, in that they have a stellar player reputation for paying and accepting US players, is fast becoming one of the more popular poker rooms on the Internet. For those looking for a modest place to play, for those looking for easy and fast deposit and withdrawal methods, and for those who love the game of poker, play now at Bodog online!

#2 Online Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker - Accepts US and International Players

Check Out the Hottest Poker Table on the Net Full Tilt Poker is the hottest poker room online. Ever since the passing of the UIGEA online poker rooms available to US players have dropped like flies. One by one reputable poker hall by reputable poker hall announced they were leaving the market. The players that left those poker rooms have migrated to Full Tilt and they are quickly growing into the biggest online poker site. And deservedly so. They have the best table graphics with the most options. They have more games and money options than any other online poker site. If you haven't checked them out yet, now is the time. They still have many depositing options available for US players and they gaurantee they are not leaving the market any time soon.

#3 Online Poker Room - - Accepts Only Non-US Players Poker Table is considered the online equivalent of the original poker room. They have a great domain name and they started before the phenomenon exploded which led them to their status as today's most well respected and most played at online poker room. They boast that over 5 Million players have graced their tables.

The graphics of are one of the main reasons our editors love this place so much. The room has a dark background, the table a sleek look, the players faces, bodies and expressions realistic, and the lobby is easily navicable.

The game play can range anywhere from extreme competition to a table full of newbies. They have a great diversity and they offer many different versions of poker, of course featuring many tournaments and a great base of Texas Hold'em tables. They have daily freeroll tournaments and random bonuses, including a 20% deposit bonus the first time you play.

#4 Online Poker Room - Titan Poker - Accepts Only Non-US Players

Titan Poker Titan Poker uses Playtech software, which is world renowned for their online casino brands such as Golden Palace Casino and Monaco Gold. This poker room is the one that Casino Del Rio, Europa Casino, and Vegas Red have partnered with. The reason we feature them is because they are very popular, they are run by a trusted brand of managers, their software is sleek and stylish, and they offer a huge first deposit bonus of up to $200 for free.

Titan Poker has many other great features that make it fun to play with them. They have a buddy list function so you can keep track of your friends, a game history button so you can keep track of your games, player notes, numerous options for adjustments of sound, and other stuff. Titan poker has a pot- and no-limit ring games, live floor managers and different and random tournaments featured all the time. If you are looking for a little bit of a change while still playing at a quality online casino poker room, then Titan poker may be what you are looking for!

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