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As the story continues to unfold, it is becoming more and more apparent that US officials have had their sights on for a long time. The indictment is extremely thorough covering charges such as conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion. The indictment goes beyond simple online gambling and accuses the company of very serious charges. Frequently Asked Questions

When am I going to get my money back?
The latest we heard is that all of the leftover money in the accounts of US players is safe, and that it will be returned. Right now, all of the accounts are frozen and the money is still there. However, this is no timetable for the return of the money. The Department of Justice in the US has said the money should be returned.

When can I resume gambling with
BetonSports will no longer operate their website in the US or service customers in the United States. That being said, there will be no bets taken from the US ever again by BetonSports. This also covers BOS poker, BOS horseracing, and BOS Casinos.

Is the Department of Justice going after all sportsbooks?
From our view here at, it appears this is an isolated incident and will not affect other books such as, Bodog, or VIP Sports.

Is this going to kill the entire industry?
Without a doubt this is a blow to the offshore betting industry, however, there are many top-notch companies that are still operating as usual with the ability to take bets over the Internet.

Latest Legal News

Online Gambling Executive Carruthers Gets Thirty-Three Months
January 9, 2010
Betonsports was one of the biggest online gambling operators doing business in the US just a few years ago, but now, the latest executive of the company has been sentenced to thirty-three months in jail...
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BetOnSports Online Gambling Operation Fined with Probation
December 3, 2009
After having seized millions from company executives and forced them to take prison sentences in plea deals, US prosecutors convinced a federal judge Tuesday to put online gambling operator BetOnSports on probation, and drew a fine that buried what little is left of the sports betting firm...
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BetOnSports Internet Gambling Company Pleads Guilty
May 24, 2007
Today the former online gambling site, BetOnSports, took their US court case one step closer to being finished as they pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering...
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Sportingbet Stocks Rise Despite Huge First Quarter Losses
November 30, 2006
Sportingbet stocks on the rise despite losing its American player base, states rise in Australian and European markets as reason for optimism...
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Huge Victory for Online Gambling Community as Dicks is Set Free
September 29, 2006
Peter Dicks was freed to return home to London early Friday morning after a New York judge declared the warrants for his extradition to Louisanna unlawful...
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Online Gambling Dicks Case Postponed Until Friday
September 28, 2006
The former chairman of Sportingbet, Peter Dicks, will have to wait until tomorrow to see if he will be extradited to Lousiana while much outsider debate continues...
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Another Online Gaming Employee Arrested While Visiting the US
September 7, 2006
Another London gaming employee arrested and detained while visiting the US early Thursday morning. This time it was the executive of Sporting Bet, Peter Dicks. No further details have been released...
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Former BetonSports CEO David Carruthers Released on Bail
August 16, 2006
Former CEO David Carruthers, who spent about 4 weeks in a federal jail on charges related to Internet Gambling and Sports Wagering, was freed on a $1 million bond today...
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BetOnSports PLC Shareholders May Sue the Company
August 13, 2006
In continuing coverage of the BetOnSports case it has been reported that shareholders in London are now considering taking legal action against the company's advisors...
Read More Shuts Down While Feds Continue Pressing Charges
August 12, 2006
United States prosecutors in Missouri announced yesterday that they will continue to press charges against Plc and CEO David Carruthers despite the proactive willingness to shutdown the US-based website by
Read More Shuts Down Offhsore Sportsbook Operations
August 11, 2006
Employees of revealed to sources at the Associated Press on Thursday that they have been laid off and that the company is shutting down its operations...
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Former BetonSports Customers Seek New Sportsbook
August 11, 2006
Ever since was ordered to shut-down their sportsbook to US-facing players, American customers are finding it almost impossible to retrieve thier leftover account balances...
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BetonSports Connection to New York Crime Family
August 4, 2006
United States prosecutors are working on a link between and a sports gambling company who supposedly gathered wagers from US citizens and delivered them to Costa Rica, the operational headquarters of
Read More CEO Carruthers Still In Custody
August 2, 2006
David Carruthers, the former CEO of online sports betting giant, remains in custody while his lawyers work on drafting a proposal for conditions of his release...
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Bet On Sports CEO David Carruther Failed to Show Up In Court
August 1, 2006
David Carruthers missed his date in court Monday as seven other defendants in the case pleaded not guilty...
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BetonSports Defendants Plead Not Guilty
July 31, 2006
A federal judge extended her order banning BetonSports from taking sports gambling wagers from US. customers, at the same time, all 7 defendants plead not guilty to the charges imposed...
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Online Gamblers Have Little to Fear From Crackdown
July 25, 2006
The recent high-profile criminal case against a major online gambling company, the US government has taken its most aggressive step yet to crack down on Internet gambling. But prosecutors have left untouched some key players: the gamblers themselves...
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BetonSports Chief Executive David Carruthers Fired
July 25, 2006
BetonSports, the internet gambling company, said on Tuesday that it had terminated the contract of David Carruthers, its chief executive due to his continued detention by US officials...
Read More Execs Discuss Blowup
July 23, 2006, one of the largest online sports wagering sites is trying to decide what the arrest of CEO David Carruthers will mean for their profits...
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Party Gaming CEO Not Fearful of a Possible US Arrest
July 21, 2006
Following the arrest of David Carruthers, CEO of London based company, many offshore gambling operators are fearful of US arrest, but not Party Gaming's executives...
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