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Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling Issues in Society

Gambling addiction/obsession is an illness which can never really be cured, but only contained or transformed. Some people tend to be more vulnerable than others, just like alcohol and drug use. On top of that, most true problem gamblers are unable to change on their own. Eventually, the only way for a compulsive gambler to get help is to recognize there is a problem through some disastrous event (usually financial) and join a group such as Gamblers

State goverments across the nation are always developing new programs and dedicating money to gambling addiction research. At, our job is to bring you the latest information on problem gambling in society. Read below, we created a list of our most recent gambling addiction news stories.

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Problem Gambling News

Oregon Attacks Problem Gambling With New Proposed Legislation
January 26, 2013
Oregon lawmakers are targeting problem gambling in the latest gaming bill to be filed in the state. The bill would enact an aggressive approach to curbing gambling addiction in Oregon...
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Massachusetts Preparing For Problem Gambling Spike
June 26, 2012
Massachusetts lawmakers passed gambling expansion legislation last month, and now the lawmakers are preparing for a possible increase in problem gambling from the new casinos...
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Canadian Pediatric Society Warns Against Teen Gambling
May 8, 2012
With online gambling becoming much more prevalent around the world over the past decade, the Canadian Pediatric Society has now warned parents against the dangers of children gambling...
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Illinois Fines Rivers Casino For Targeting Problem Gamblers
March 24, 2012
Illinois regulators cracked down this week on their newest gaming facility when the regulators fined Rivers Casino for sending promotional material to problem gamblers...
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Problem Gambling Awareness Week Begins In Pennsylvania
March 5, 2012
Pennsylvania is expected to become the top gambling destination on the East Coast by the end of the year. This week, the state of observing Problem Gambling Awareness week...
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Problem Gambling Awareness Month Set To Begin In New Jersey
February 29, 2012
The state of New Jersey has been hard at work expanding their gambling industry over the past couple of years, and now Governor Chris Christie has declared March Problem Gambling Awareness month...
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Kansas Towns Coming Together To Fight Gambling Addiction
February 27, 2012
With casino gambling coming on to the scene in Kansas in recent years, towns around the state are moving quickly to set up task forces to help combat problem gambling...
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Pennsylvania Walks The Line Between Gaming Revenue And Addiction
February 16, 2012
Pennsylvania lawmakers and the Gaming Control Board in the state have built one of the most successful casino gambling industries in the country in a matter of years, but now, the legislators and gaming regulators are dealing with addiction issues...
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Missouri Eases Problem Gambling Restrictions
December 8, 2011
While most states are moving towards more safeguards for problem gambling, the Missouri Gaming Commission has voted to decrease their oversight, eliminating lifetime self-imposed gambling bans...
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Maine Preparing For Problem Gambling Treatment Increase
December 2, 2011
Maine will become a major player in the East Coast gaming industry next year when two open casinos will bring in thousands of customers. The state is preparing for that increase by bolstering its problem gambling treatment options...
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Professor Suggests Drug Be Used To Help Treat Problem Gamblers
November 21, 2011
Gambling addiction is rising around the world with the expansion of gambling in many countries, and at least one professor believes that Naltrexone should be used to help treat problem gamblers...
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Anti-Gambling Groups Turning To Familiar Arguments In Florida
November 3, 2011
Anti-gambling groups have started to launch their campaign to stop a bill that would add three casino resorts in South Florida. The first order of business for the anti-gaming groups was to point out a growing problem gambling rate...
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Connecticut Opposite Of Maryland With Problem Gambling Treatment
October 21, 2011
The state of Maryland has come into the gaming industry with an aggressive approach to curbing problem gambling. The approach is one that some analysts believe Connecticut needs to take a look at...
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Iowa Residents Helping Gambling Thrive By Participating
October 11, 2011
Iowa is one of the largest casino gambling states in the country, and lawmakers are being applauded for recognizing the need for the industry within its state limits...
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Gambling Expansion In Massachusetts Includes Addiction Fund
September 23, 2011
Massachusetts has learned from the troubles of other states when it comes to dealing with addiction associated with casino expansion, which is why the new bill being debated has aggressive safeguards in place...
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Casinos In Australia Calling Out Lawmakers Over Gambling Limits
September 10, 2011
Clubs that operate gambling machines in Australia are calling out lawmakers one by one in an effort to persuade the legislators to take a stand against legislation limiting the amount of money Australians can lose in a casino...
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Problem Gambling Group Throws Support Behind Casino Plan
August 31, 2011
Top ranking lawmakers in Massachusetts have thrown their support behind a casino gambling expansion plan, and now the Massachusetts Council on Problem Gambling has backed the part of the bill dealing with prevention and treatment...
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Christian Group Continues To Lobby For Australian Gambling Reform
July 31, 2011
Christian groups extended their effort this past week to lobby for gambling reform in Australian casinos. The latest effort came after a study showed public support for reform...
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Charity Claims Internet The Cause Of Increased Gambling Addiction
July 3, 2011
The RCA Trust has become the latest group to claim that the Internet is causing an increase in problem gambling cases. The charity has documented a rise in gambling addiction among women...
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Missouri Problem Gambling Level Low According To Study
June 28, 2011
While many states are dealing with an increase in problem gambling cases, a new study suggests that Missouri residents do not have much of a gambling problem at all...
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