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UK Online Casino, Macau Casino, and Other International Gambling News

With the UK being the first major country in the world to legalize and regulate online casino gambling, and them also being a part of the EU, International gambling news has become an almost daily expectation. Spain is currently the leading Internet gambling country in the world, behind of course the United States. Italy was the first major country in the world to illegalize online casinos, but then they changed those restrictions in favor of a more permissive perspective.

The UK is in the process of developing regulations for their new laws that allow online casinos to operate from their land. News about that issue, along with court battles and other legal issues will be released here first.

And then there is Macau, or is it Macao? The China gambling mecca is seeing new casinos being produced on what seems like a daily basis. The Sands have gone to Macau, Steve Wynn has brought his brand to Macao, and just recently Playboy has announced a new casino and mansion to open up there. No matter which way its spelt Macau is present and moving forward.

For all your International Gambling and Casino News, stay tuned to this page of Casino Gambling Web.

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International Gambling News

Cheers and Jeers Abound for New UK Online Gambling Law
May 19, 2014
The new UK betting law is expected to be finalized by July 1st and go into effect by September 1st. However, many are concerned the law could create another wild-west situation in the UK...
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Speculation on Casino Gambling Legalization in Japan Continues
May 13, 2014
LVS owner Sheldon Adelson continues to create gambling news across the world, this time in Japan as he salivates at the possibility of legalization before the 2020 Olympics...
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Macau Casino Revenue Now Larger Than Entire US
January 2, 2014
Macau casino revenue has reached new heights after 2013 figures show that the city has now surpassed the entire US market in terms of overall casino revenue...
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Video Lottery Terminals Lead To Social Concerns In Italy
December 30, 2013
Italian lawmakers are growing increasingly concerned with the amount of social problems occurring from video lottery terminals that have taken over the country in recent years...
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Ho Casino Dynasty Looking To Expand Into Japan
October 29, 2013
The Ho family have always been pioneers in the Asian gaming industry, and now Lawrence Ho is considering the family's biggest move yet, into Japan...
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Australia's Queensland Looking Into Three New Casinos
October 14, 2013
The Australian government has been attempting to curtail casino gambling, but Queensland is going the other way in considering three new casinos in the state...
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Sri Lanka And Japan Looking To Enter Casino Market
October 9, 2013
The Asian casino industry is blowing up, and Sri Lanka and Japan are about to enter the mix as both are expected to approve casinos in the coming months...
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Bermuda Attracting Tourists With New Gambling Laws
October 4, 2013
Bermuda took a step towards becoming a major port of interest for tourists this week by announcing they will allow cruise ships to keep casinos open while in port...
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Madrid Seeks Acceleration Of Casino Resort Facility
September 19, 2013
Madrid has one of the worst unemployment rates in Europe, and that is causing city officials to push for the acceleration of a new 12-casino gaming facility...
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Coalition Takes Strong Stance Relating To Australia Gaming
August 27, 2013
The Coalition is attempting to win power in Australia, and if successful, they have vowed to completely overhaul the regulatory structure for gaming in the country...
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Authorities End Multibillion Dollar Gambling Ring In Texas
August 16, 2013
One of the biggest illegal gambling operations in US history was halted in Texas after authorities busted 18 people for operating the multibillion dollar operation. ..
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British Government Cracking Down On Gibraltar Online Gambling
August 5, 2013
Gibraltar has become a popular destination for online gaming companies looking to serve British customers, but now the British government is creating a large tax that could threaten Gibraltar...
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Macau Gaming Revenue Up In July
August 2, 2013
It has been a good summer for Macau casinos as revenue continued to rise in the gambling mecca, jumping 20% from the same period in 2012, and continuing an upward trend...
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Zynga Stock Crashes After News Of No Real-Money Betting In US
July 26, 2013
Investors were not happy with Zynga's announcement Thursday that the company would not be pursuing real-money betting in the US, and Zynga's stock paid the price...
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Russia Entering Casino Industry With Ho-Operated Resort
July 2, 2013
Lawrence Ho has seen his share of historic casino openings over his career as a gaming mogul, and now Ho will be at the center of Russia's movement into the casino industry...
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Dutch Target Facebook Gambling Ads To Curb Addiction
May 28, 2013
The Dutch are attempting to slow the growth of problem gambling, and they made progress this week when Facebook agreed to stop gambling ads targeting Dutch residents...
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Australia Proposes Banning Live Betting Odds On Broadcasts
April 22, 2013
The Australian government and Free TV Australia are pulling together to cut the live betting odds that appear on sports telecasts out of the broadcasts completely...
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UK Executive Predicts Major US Online Gambling Expansion
April 19, 2013
An online gambling game provider in the UK has predicted that over the next couple of years, more than half of American citizens will have access to regulated online gambling...
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Philippines Set To Make A Run At Casino Champ Title
March 14, 2013
Macau has held the title of top gaming destination in the world over the past half decade, and now the Philippines are preparing to make a run at the title with a new casino opening this weekend...
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888 Moves Into US Online Gambling Market With New Venture
March 11, 2013
The foreign companies that have dominated the UK gaming industry for years are now making their move into the US, with 888 Holdings becoming the latest major player to enter the US online gambling market...
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